It’s dark, not blank
The light not in my sight,
Can’t limit the might in my height
It’s dark, not Blank
Shines on my skin the sun I feel.
As the rain drops on me and all I can say is
So beautiful is it in the dark

Little Leke and Park plays around me
Their voices only I see
It’s dark, not blank
As I can hear mother’s voice when she says
Here I am, child.
Father’s voice looks harsh as with love he rebukes me
So beautiful to be embraced by love ones
How beautiful is it in the Dark?

How beautiful is it to read with my fingers
Sorting out the As and the Bs from a distance
How beautiful is it in the dark
Navigating the poles and the stones without whiskers…ask my sister!
How beautiful is it being directed by the white cane in the dark,
After all, His rod and staff still protects

Nice perfumes perceive I from the fragrance of the flowers
So beautiful to hear the birds singing
La la la la la in my ears they keep ringing
How beautiful is it when all I can see is this dark blank plank
So beautiful to dine and wine in the dark
Opened up is the gate that accepts the content of my shoveled plates
How beautiful is it in the Dark.

The beauty lies in the sight far beyond my sight
Unfortunately, the brightness of today need less my eyes.
You bet – the calamity today is ‘how far can you see’?

Wow! See the valley, the plane and the cakes,
Feel the girl in blue with the flakes,
Here’s the picture we snapped on the lake,
But all these are like rice on the plate,
Which could be consumed or left in the plate to decay

If only you could close your eyes
Yes…just close your eyes
Then you visualize what i can see,
As it is beautiful in the Dark,
Yes…It’s beautiful even in the Dark!

Ngozi Ukpai-Okoro