We are glad to be among the finalist of “The Google Impact Challenge Nigeria”.

The Google Impact Challenge Nigeria supports nonprofits and social enterprises with game-changing ideas to create economic opportunity in their communities. Organisations have applied with their most innovative proposals. Now, we are pleased to announce the finalists. Vote by November 25 to help select which organisation will double their funding as the People’s Choice winner.

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Project Enable Africa is a digital inclusion project that promotes the access of persons with disabilities and their caregivers to information and communication technologies (ICTs) skills and opportunities. Their platform and their disability-friendly Digital Hubs are a free, safe space for persons with disabilities to access information and inclusive training, collaborate, and create solutions that will improve their lives. The project gives visibility to productivity, rather than disability, allowing persons with disabilities to enhance their social, cultural, and economic integration in communities. Project Enable Africa’s Digital Hubs will connect at least 1,000 persons with disabilities to jobs, support them to start and run their own enterprise, and promote digital inclusion for persons with disabilities across Nigeria.