Business Support Project – Ekiti State

Project Enable Africa seeks to provide Business Support Services to 20 businesses led by persons with disabilities as a perfect opportunity to re-invent their businesses and help them remain profitable despite the economic hardship. We are positive that this will not only provide immediate relief but also long-term results for Persons with Disabilities in Business.

Existing and aspiring entrepreneurs living with disabilities will be trained physically in accessible and vital business areas, connected to mentors and funding opportunities.

Participants will have opportunities to interact and engage with experts across different business areas such as funding linkages and application processes, communication, Human resource management, Financial management, Branding, Digital Strategy, Access to Market, Legal Counsel, and more, across industries and emerging sectors.

To provide business support to 20 PWD-led businesses in Ekiti State through business training, mentorship, funding linkages towards maximizing business productivity, and active community support mechanism

Target Audience

Key Program Components