Disability-inclusive Media Reporting

From 2018 to 2022, we trained over 100 media practitioners representing about 30 media organisations in disability-inclusive media reporting. Since the media actively shapes the public narrative, the program positioned media organisations to shape public perception about persons with disabilities. Our goal was to normalize disability as part of society by addressing the various cultural, […]

FollowDis ACT Campaign

Following the Discrimination Against Persons with Disability (Prohibition) Act in January 2019, we launched the #FollowDisACT (curated from Follow the Disability Act) to drive, monitor and report the progress of the implementation of the Act. This campaign started with a media sensitization of media organisations and the public through various curated content to help society […]

Disability Inclusion Hackathon

In 2019, we hosted a disability-inclusion hackathon that birthed three new products that have become independent organisations. These include Vinsight, which created a currency recognition mobile app for visually impaired people, and TheraConnect, which helps parents of children with disabilities find and connect to caregivers across Nigeria.

Covid-19 Fooddrive

The Project Enable Africa COVID-19 Response is a food drive project targeted at providing foodstuffs to 1000 individuals/families of persons with disabilities in Lagos during the Corona Lockdown.