Project Enable Fellowship

In 2018, we launched the Inclusion Hub, a disability-focused digital training centre for persons with disabilities in Lagos. This launch of this hub helped amplify our digital inclusion program for persons with disabilities and the promotion of inclusion products and services. Since then, we have trained persons with disabilities across Nigeria in various ICT skills, including graphics, social media management, picture, audio, video editing, data management, and coding.

In 2019, we hosted a disability-inclusion hackathon that birthed three new products that have become independent organisations. These include Vinsight, which created a currency recognition mobile app for visually impaired people, and TheraConnect, which helps parents of children with disabilities find and connect to caregivers across Nigeria. Our work is driven by the social model of disabilities, which highlights the society, rather than the impairments of persons with disabilities, as the disability factor. We believe that disability is productive, and removing the disabling barriers gives persons with disabilities equity and belonging in society so that they can lead productive lives.