About Us.

Promoting Inclusion

Project Enable Africa is registered as Stanforte Edge Ltd/Gte. with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with the registration number RC 1476325

Project Enable is a community development initiative that was founded in 2014 to advocate for the rights and empowerment of persons with disabilities in Nigeria. We believe that everyone deserves good quality life and that no one should be discriminated against on the account of their disability. We work to empower persons with disabilities; sensitize the community on the need to reduce discrimination and stigmatization; and advocate for the disability rights at all levels. We want every child, woman, man and young person with disabilities to also live a fulfilled life while contributing to our shared prosperity as a community.

Our Vision

We envision a continent that is socially inclusive for the disabled to prosper.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the rights, empowerment and social inclusion of persons with disabilities in Nigeria.

Our Core Values


We understand the need to first understand the needs of the community before attempting to serve such need; hence we empathize, not sympathize with the disability community.


We believe that it is only with collaborative effort that we can trust; hence we work with all stakeholders in the private, public and civil society sectors to achieve our goal.


We always encourage innovative thinking among our team members, volunteers, programs beneficiaries as well as in the disability community. We believe that it is only with noble innovation that we will deliver an inclusive future.


We ensure that we remain accountable, accessible and transparent to all our internal and external stakeholders. Our aim is to build trust, not control.

Our Strategy


We engage with policymakers and various stakeholders of the community of persons with disabilities towards advocating for inclusion at every policy and implementation level.


We provide direct and indirect empowerment opportunities for persons with disabilities in vocational, entrepreneurial, digital, leadership and advocacy areas.

Community Sensitization.

We leverage on the (traditional, print and social) media to educate and sensitize the public, friends and families of the disabled as well as members of the disability communities on disability rights and how to show emphatic support.

Our Objectives

To promote community sensitization and advocacy for the rights and social inclusion of persons with disabilities through media and active stakeholders’ engagement.

To directly empower young persons with disabilities with vocational and entrepreneurial skills, and showcase their talents and products through organized exhibitions.

To enlighten persons with disabilities on their rights, equipping them with employability, advocacy and life skills towards repositioning them for better participation/integration in the society.