Dr. Naomi Ruth Barber King

Mrs. Naomi Ruth Barber King is a recognized author and a civil rights activist. She travels all over the world promoting Youth/Women empowerment, nonviolent social change strategies as a way of life and entrepreneurship as the center core- A Paradigm Shift. She has published a love story of her life entitled “A D and ML King: Two Brothers Who Dared To Dream”She holds awards and special recognitions, such as recipient of the S. C. L. C. Rosa Parks Freedom Award, Hope Worldwide Living Legend Award, A. D. King Foundation: Truth Finder Award, Principled Life Award, Zambians Freedom, Justice and Peace Award, Global Citizens Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, African Leadership Magazine, many proclamations from various states and more. She was featured in the AARP documentary “Voices of Civil Rights”, and holds memberships in NAACP, SCLC, SCLC Women, and American Bridge Association.